COVID-19 Supply & Consulting
We support your company in pandemic response: personal protection equipment (PPE), crisis and emergency management,
pandemic protection concepts, consulting

As if under a burning glass, the pandemic has shown how vulnerable people and the economy are. After the experience gained from the beginning of 2020, no company can afford not to attach importance to pandemic management in the future. Although experts had pointed out the importance of pandemic protection concepts long before Corona, the pandemic caught the majority of companies completely unprepared.

Our experts have decades of experience in developing and implementing protection concepts. The first step is always a thorough analysis and assessment of the situation, taking into account federal specifics at the state, district and local levels. An intelligent pandemic protection concept enables a company to proactively forcast political developments. Thus, the ability to control remains with the company and no one has to stumble disoriented after legal requirements.

DRB Operations was able to support many of its customers in the area of procurement management during the pandemic and ensure production and service expectations. In post corona times, our expertise in consulting, crisis and emergency management will be in demand. Through our functional networks, we will continue to be a reliable partner in the procurement of personal protective equipment.

  • Analysis and Situation Assessment 
  • Forecast of Political Developments – Regulations & Laws
  • Estimates on the Infection Protection Act
  • Assessments of the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance
  • Pandemic Protection Concepts for Events, the Workplace and Travel
  • Federal Specifics per State, County, Municipality – Public Health Departments
  • Crisis and Emergency Team (Establishment, Consultation, Response)
  • Recommendations for Action

Our Products
PPE - Personal Protection Equipment

Air Purifier
Nitrile Gloves

Procurement & Supply

Our Procurement & Supply teams develop customized solutions and are also the direct contacts on site for fast and efficient solutions.

COVID - Consulting

DRB Operations supports your company in all aspects of pandemic response. We offer personal protective equipment, consulting and our experience in crisis and emergency management, pandemic protection concepts.

Due Diligence

In-depth verification of their suppliers for their existence, economic circumstances and reputation both through databases, authorities and darknet and directly on site.