Procurement & Supply
Planning and execution of procurement processes by specialized teams on site

Our procurement and supply experts have been working for international companies and medium-sized enterprises for over 20 years. We support you in procurement and sourcing processes and optimize your supply chain.

Our procurement teams develop customized solutions and are also the direct contacts on site for fast and efficient solutions

Purchasing, especially the global sourcing of a company, faces constantly changing challenges. To be able to guarantee seamless supply chains, a company needs a clear strategic orientation. It must keep quality factors and the reliability of international suppliers equally in view and be able to anticipate when a strategic adjustment is indicated to secure the overall process.

DRB Operations can draw on a broad network of existing partnerships in Asian manufacturing countries. Our Procurement teams develop customized solutions and are also the direct local contacts for fast and efficient solutions. Our procurement offices in Asia work in close coordination with our back office in Frankfurt.

In addition to supplier management and audits, core tasks include coordination between customers, suppliers and our local experts, as well as logistics management.

Our procurement and due diligence experts have been working in procurement for international companies and medium-sized businesses for over twenty years. They work closely together from supplier screening to supply chain elaboration. Our forecasts take into account various parameters, such as deviation risks. In this way, financial risks or even delivery failures can be avoided. Global networks are an essential building block – the future of global sourcing. Depending on the industry, green procurement and e-procurement will pose an even greater challenge to a company’s competitiveness. Without making full use of the digital possibilities, reliable procurement management is hardly conceivable in order to control even highly ramified procurement processes efficiently and in a cost-optimizing manner.

  • Producer Selection 
  • Supplier Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistic Management
  • Financing
Our supply chain team helps you to develop your value chain structures into a real competitive advantage

Our experts identify the status quo of the supply chain at our customers in advance and then develop precise measures to improve the individual planning tasks. In this way, DRB Operations supports the avoidance of disruptions in the supply chains and also improves the speed of delivery. In doing so, our team always keeps an eye on our customers’ inventories, lead times, response and delivery capabilities, and costs.

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Process and Cost Optimization
  • Planning Reliability
  • Intervention Measures
  • Supply Chain Risk Management 
  • Deescalation

Procurement & Supply

Our Procurement & Supply teams develop customized solutions and are also the direct contacts on site for fast and efficient solutions.

COVID - Consulting

DRB Operations supports your company in all aspects of pandemic response. We offer personal protective equipment, consulting and our experience in crisis and emergency management, pandemic protection concepts.

Due Diligence

In-depth verification of their suppliers for their existence, economic circumstances and reputation both through databases, authorities and darknet and directly on site.