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Due Diligence
Test Purchases, Screening of Business Partners and Supply Chains

Through our Business Partner Screening and Supply Chain Screening, we check your suppliers for their existence, their economic circumstances and reputation. For this purpose, we use data from databases, darknet and authorities, conduct test purchases and are directly on site for verification.

Business Partner Screening
Through our solutions, we help you mitigate regulatory, reputational or compliance risks posed by your business partners. We check your business partners directly on site as well as via databases, deep web and darknet and investigate their existence, economic circumstances and reputation for you.

Risks always emanate from a company’s business partners. In order to minimize regulatory, reputational or compliance risks, a reliable on-site review of business partners is essential. A company’s options in this regard are limited. In contrast, the research capabilities of our experts within a globally operating network have extensive access to digital resources.

Every company is part of a complex system of suppliers, consultants, intermediaries and customers. Regulatory and legal requirements, climate policy and public pressure to act, which unleash a hardly controllable media centrifugal force in the social networks, increase the demands on supplier selection. Business partner screening for companies is mandatory.

Research on existing and potential business partners is a critical aspect of a successful business relationship. On the one hand, a thorough and absolutely discreet approach is required here in order not to jeopardize business relationships unnecessarily. Our experts guarantee the highest level of discretion while always keeping an eye on the reputation of your customers.

  • Verification of Business Partners on Site
  • Matching in International Databases
  • Searching in Darkweb and Deep Net
  • Screening by Authorities
  • Global Network of Experts
Supply Chain Screening
Unethical actions and ethically questionable practices by your supply chain partners make business partner screening all the more important, because they can pose a high economic and compliance risk for your company.

A company’s supply chain can only ever be as good as the reliability of its weakest link. Potential risks must be identified and analyzed in advance and with the support of digital technologies. Customer expectations of speed and reliability are high. If the supply chain breaks at one point, there are significant repercussions, up to and including loss of reputation for the entire company. Intelligent supply chain screening identifies weak points and enables all processes to be adapted quickly in order to identify faults at an early stage and set the necessary reaction processes in motion automatically.

Since COVID-19, a volatile market situation can be observed globally. The uncertain has replaced the normal. Companies need to react quickly to this situation and ensure that they have the appropriate digital and logistical infrastructure in place. The more reliable a trading partner is, the faster a company can respond to regulatory changes, the more stable it will be in uncertain times and reduce liability risks for fraudulent actions by its trading partners.

Our professionals specialize in identifying vulnerabilities. They update potential third-party risks in continuous analyses and ensure that there is maximum transparency with full control at every checkpoint in the supply chain system. 

  • Verification of Business Partners on Site
  • Matching in International Databases
  • Searching in Darkweb and Deep Net
  • Screening by Authorities
  • Identification of Vulnerabilities
  • Global Network of Experts
Test Purchases
For our customers we offer test purchases adapted to their needs for quality assurance.

The idea is as simple as it is necessary. We carry out test purchases for our customers. This avoids nasty surprises when the ordered goods do not comply with the regulatory requirements of the target market. Who does not remember the perplexed looking politicians, in front of useless mask mountains. The reliable assessment of whether a product is a counterfeit or a plagiarism requires precise detailed knowledge of product requirements and labels. Inferior quality cannot be reliably assessed by mere visual inspection. This requires the know-how of experts. 

Our specialists are familiar with the applicable EU regulations and can make a reliable assessment of whether products meet the necessary quality and certification requirements.

Of course, we take care to protect our identity and that of our customers during test purchases. Here, too, we receive support from our extensive international network – for the protection of our customers. After a reliable product analysis, a product scaling is carried out. All results are systematically evaluated and, along with other important parameters, flow into our Business Partner Screenings. We have an extensive database of products, manufacturers and suppliers. 

    • Produkt Analysis
    • Quality and Certification Checks
    • Assessments of Counterfeits and Plagiarism
    • Verifications of Product Requirements and Labels

Procurement & Supply

Our Procurement & Supply teams develop customized solutions and are also the direct contacts on site for fast and efficient solutions.

COVID - Consulting

DRB Operations supports your company in all aspects of pandemic response. We offer personal protective equipment, consulting and our experience in crisis and emergency management, pandemic protection concepts.

Due Diligence

In-depth verification of their suppliers for their existence, economic circumstances and reputation both through databases, authorities and darknet and directly on site.